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Smart Phone App Development

If your business needs a competitive advantage in today’s digital environment, consider our custom mobile app solutions for Android, iPhone, and Windows phones and portable devices. Your unique business functionality, client communication, and processes may require a solution that is not readily available on the market. We listen, develop and provide mobile applications that focus on your business goals.

Your business has a dynamic workflow and needs a smart phone and device solution that reflex the robust nature of today’s technology. We build in scalability that flexes with your needs, for minute by minute queries, customer connectivity and employee workflow.

The demands, by today’s mobile app user, requires a design and User Interface, that is simple, fast, and an appealing reflection of your company. GenOmega UI designers as well as developers work together in developing an application solution that is pleasing and useful to your end user, customer, client or employee.

Stay on budget, and receive the best quality in design of your first or next mobile device application.

The GenOmega Software Systems software development team provides unsurpassed expertise in graphical user interface design, application design, product development, and software maintenance.

Our software development team has designed software for Digital Control Systems, CCTV Systems, Access Control Systems, Database, and Simulator Applications. We have extensive software design capabilities, with experience in numerous development languages, including the Microsoft .Net languages including: C#, ASP and VB. In addition, we design applications to operate on Microsoft Windows operating systems such as Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.

With extensive experience in Graphical User Interface Design, we have developed several GUIs using skin technology thus providing a unique software interface while maintaining ergonomics and ease of use.

Virtually every successful project must follow a proven and repeatable process. A defined process is the best way to ensure that a quality solution is delivered efficiently and effectively. The GenOmega Software Systems procedures, referred to as D³, follows a logical three-stage cycle: Design, Develop and Deliver. This proven set of procedures is based upon GenOmega's experience building software solutions in this industry.

The GenOmega D³ Procedures provide a professional, productive and controlled process in which to manage the project through the software development lifecycle. The end result to our clients is a high quality product meeting the specified requirements the first time.

If you have a need for a custom application, integration, or maintenance, no matter how small, please contact us to develop your solution.

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